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Apps for Apes: Orangutan Outreach asks for Help from Apple

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Ipad, News

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Published on January 04, 2012 with No Comments

Some of us think they see primates all the time in coffee shops using an iPad right? ūüėČ Well, this is real… A couple of months back Orangutan Outreach introduced the iPad to captivated gorillas and orangutans in the Milwaukee County Zoo. Now is it unbelievable or does it just make sense that these primates love the iPad just as much as we do? No joke! They love to skype with other animals, they love to “produce” a beat on some drum apps from time to time, they love to draw paintings and love watching movies. Don’t believe it? See the videos below. Keep in mind, these are very intelligent animals and get bored and depressive very quick when kept in captivity the iPad brings a bit of¬†amusement into their sad lives.

See in the video below how Trish Khan, the Milwaukee County Zoo orangutan keeper, her crew and the apes interact with the iPad.

The charity is now turning to Apple asking for a whole category filled with apps specially designed for apes. With a special section “Apps for Apes” in the iTunes App Store the charity might have set their sights a little too high but it’s definitely fun and grabbing some attention.

Also Oranutan Outreach is asking for used iPads, so if you have a spare iPad laying around…¬† it’s much appreciated. link

It’s not new that apes love tablets. Check out this video from summer last year of a monkey playin Angry Birds.


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