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Best Tablet for Reading in Bright Sunlight

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Featured, News

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Published on July 16, 2014 with 1 Comment

Readability of tablets outdoors has been a talked about issue ever since this gadget was launched. The backlit high quality LED screens have not been able to deliver well in this sphere of expectation. The difference between the brightness on screen and the reflection causes the readability concerns. This article discusses about a few models which bring good readability under bright light with some tips and alternatives.


For aiding better visibility iPhone has an option called “White on Black”. It works by contrasting to make the readable content white against a dark backdrop. It works pretty well for normal use of the phone. You will require to manually changing this setting once you are indoors.

Best Android Tablet in Sunlight

Samsung Galaxy Tab3 is considered to be the best in this sphere. It comes with an auto brightness feature which should be able to make the screen readable in bright light. But it acts very conservative which forces the user to manually change the setting. This is sufficient for using the tablet for casual purpose.

3 Tips for Reading Tablet under Sunlight

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It’s best to avoid sunlight for clear visibility. Carrying an umbrella or tilting your tablet slightly might help. iPhone works excellent unless subjected to direct sunlight. Samsung galaxy scores second. Adjust the brightness and look for maximum shade for a convenient read.

Screen Protectors

Cheap screen protectors used for making the touch screen resistant to scratches and breakages play a role in affecting the visibility of tablets. The light that enters this surface travels through two layers and thus is also reflected back twice which affects the image quality. Exercise caution when selecting a screen protector for your tablet.

Good Quality Glare Reducing Screen Protector

Glare reducing screen protector is one of the most commonly sort after accessory to aid readability outdoors. Not all products in this category yield results. Research well and choose the best product in this range for good results. Quality protectors are effective against guarding your screen against dirt and finger prints as well.


Tablets have gained popularity across the world, which calls for better technology to enhance readability under direct sunlight. The display and optical parameters should be put through rigorous tests to come out with a better screen visibility.


E-readers are the best alternative for individuals who would love to read. As the name suggests e-reader is designed to read book, magazines and newspapers. The E-ink technology improves the readability manifold and almost effortless. It is appropriate for students, teachers and bookworms who are involved in reading on the move. This gadget is in no way comparable to the functionality brought in by tablets. To know more about the how tablets are different from e-reader read through the article “Tablet vs. e-reader”.

Readability of tablets under sunlight will be the next big change in this category of products. A lot of research and study is required to make this happen. Despite of all its shortfalls tablet has revolutionized our lives in more than one way. It has a long way to go but it has brought us a long way off.

  • Eddie

    So what are the sunlight readable tablets and why are you talking about cellphones on a tablet article? Worst.Click.Ever.