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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Off The Shelves In Germany

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Featured, Ipad, News

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Published on September 10, 2011 with No Comments

Normally elephants don’t swat flies, but we all should have seen this one coming. Apple has successfully banned sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. This after we went to Media Markt, a German electronics retailer, to investigate. On August 18th we still found the Galaxy Tab on the shelves in Frankfurt Germany selling like hotcakes, this after a Dusseldorf court granted a preliminary junction in Apple’s favor on August 9th. Theoretically we shouldn’t have seen the product, but as you see in the pic it ‘was’ there. Fast forward to the present, nothing is clearer than the words of Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann. “The court is of the opinion

that Apple’s minimalistic design isn’t the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible…for the informed customer, there remains the predominant overall impression that the device looks like Apple’s design.” Okay maybe Apple has a point, both tablets have a rectangular shape and have a  main power button, but the hardware itself is different. If you use anything that requires flash on the iPad, forget about it. But I must admit, I have an iPad 2 and its a great device despite that fact.


Remember the short lived life of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the IFA conference in Berlin, the same court ordered an injunction forcing Samsung to remove the demo. Not before we a look, check out the video:

So far the ruling of the court has only affected Germany and no other EU countries. What could happen in Japan, Australia, and in the U.S. remains to be seen. Apple clearly gets what they want. But you can still pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

16GB and 32 GB Version

Source: Tech Crunch