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Team Evolve Unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Note with a Twist

Written by Gene Ryan Briones. Posted in Android, News

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Published on February 12, 2012 with No Comments

Samsung has already been known to spark frenzy, not just in its customer base, but in videos and ads as well. If you’ve seen Slashgear’s extreme unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S II, then you know what I mean. But what you are about to see has got to be one of the best unboxing videos ever created.  And it’s all about the Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, the half-tablet, half-smartphone, 5.3-inch Super AMOLED device that is expected to take the market by storm. Well, it already has. But once it hits the U.S. this coming February 18, America will never be the same. Samsung already dissed Apple when it released highly controversial video commercials like both the “The Next Big Thing” and “Urban Camping” ads both for the Samsung Galaxy S II. So you can pretty much imagine what it will be like when the Note arrives.

Team Evolve was able to create an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy Note entitled “A Note to Remember”. And what’s even more interesting is that they used Lego blocks for the stop-motion clip. And the result? Check out the video below. We’ve got to say it’s professionally done. I would even mistake the unboxing as an official ad from Samsung if not for the title. The unboxing shows a tiny Lego man unboxing the large Note together with his sweetheart. The short clip ended with both lovers sitting on a Lego coach while watching movies using the device like a flat panel TV. It’s hilarious, and yet it captures the essence of what the Galaxy Note really is. Please check out the video below and tell us your thoughts about it. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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