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Giveaway Ends Tonight! Asus Transformer + Keyboard Dock; Last Chance To Enter!

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in News

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Published on December 10, 2011 with 2 Comments

Ok fellas, our X-Mas Giveaway 2011 (Asus Transformer + Keyboard Dock) will end tonight! This is your last chance to enter the giveaway. Send your usernames via email to before midnight, December 10th, 11:59 pm Pacific Time (US) is the latest. Share this video, the article or just the info with your friends and family to have better chances to win the Asus Transformer + Keyboard Dock! We will announce a winner at midnight Pacific Time (US).

Thank you so much for entering our giveaway and also for sharing, commenting and rating our stuff…

See the X-Mas Giveaway video and requirements to enter after the break.

Enter the giveaway! See requirements here.

We have gone through a rough time. For about 4 weeks our giveaway has been up now, our website/emails have been offline 2 weeks due a huge provider fraud, during that time we have been receiving your usernames through facebook, youtube and twitter! We’d like to thank you guys for contacting us that way and would like to apologize for the inconvenience because everyone who entered during that time received a notification about an undelivered email or not existing email address. Nevertheless we’re happy website/emails works fine again! If you have received a similar notification and did NOT send us your usernames through facebook, twitter or youtube, please send an email with your usernames to before midnight pacific time (US).
The next giveaway we’ll implement an auto-reply for everyone to know we’ve received the entry.

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