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Mozilla Building Their Own Mobile OS

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in News, Software and Apps

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Published on July 26, 2011 with No Comments

Behind the very successful Web browser Firefox stands the organization Mozilla which now plans to build a “complete, stand-alone operating system for the Web” named Boot to Gecko, or B2G. It’s being designed for mobile devices. Unclear if this will include tablets, netbooks, notebooks or Chromebook similiar devices.

Clear is, Mozilla wants it’s share and is going to provide a platform for HTML5 apps — that are equal to native apps. Just like seen on Chromebooks. And just as Google’s ChromeOS, Mozilla’s B2G has a similar goal — to turn Web applications into deskop apps. Also both are open-source based.

Google’s own competitor to it’s ChromeOS is their operating system, Android. Despite ChromeOS was not designed for smartphones or tablets, the comparisons between the two are probably going to last for while.

Android is a huge commercial success, with more than 550,000 device activations every day but is not quite as “open” as Chrome. The ChromeOS is not such a success yet — the first Chromebooks are being mashed by reviewers.

With this project Mozilla is trying to take the fundamental ChromeOS idea and focus it on the mobile market where Android plays — for example, with B2G developers will be able to get at phone functions like placing calls and taking pictures. All at a very low level, the kernel is based on Android.

Hard to say if B2G will have any success. It will have to get some big commercial company taken it under their wings. An idea would be like that long rumored Facebook phone. Or maybe another big player with mobile ambitions, like Amazon, might take the baby OS under its wing.

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