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Amazon Tablet To Be Built By Apple’s iPad Manufacturer Foxconn?

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Android, News

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Published on July 14, 2011 with No Comments

Foxconn Electronics, the company mainly known for building Apple’s iPad 1 and iPad 2 — but has also been the company producing Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers.

Now Foxconn reportedly landed orders for 10.1-inch tablets from Amazon with shipments to begin in 2012. Note that the company Quanta Computer has already begun shipping a 7-inch model to Amazon. As expected neither Foxconn nor Quanta Computer official commented on the rumors.

According to Digitimes sources Foxconn currently is producing about 12 million units of Kindles for Amazon, and 38-40 million units of iPads plus 80-85 million iPhones for Apple per year

Remember when Amazon decided to get into the eReader market? They really set the whole market on fire with their Kindle and got some spotlight on the eReader market. It seems Amazon is hoping it can do that again with some long rumored Android tablets. For now we have only a few facts about the upcoming tablets. Rumors claim, Amazon Android tablets will be in time for the holiday season this year. But nothing is confirmed so we’ll have to wait and see how fast Amazon, Foxconn and Co. are.

But not only about the when? and how many? is be being speculated about. We see the first speculations about the name, codename and processor type already going on. Supposedly, is the first one going to be a dual-core tablet by the name of “Coyote” and the second tablet is rumored to be powered by a a quad-core processor and will the tablet will go by the name of “Hollywood.”
This information comes via tipster to Boy Genius Report, and besides the names (or codenames) and processor possibilities did no other info leak yet.

Source: AndroidCommunity | DigiTimes