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Business English App: BizBites A+ For iPad 2

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Apps for iOS, Ipad, News, Software and Apps

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Published on August 19, 2011 with 2 Comments

An application should serve a purpose and be effective in doing so, we’ll I’ve stumbled across a quite effective app. BizBites is a Business English App that gets an A+ on the iPad 2. Check out our collection of pieces on the top apps for teachers and students for Android tablets and of course the iPad 2. Business English is a growing demand. English is becoming the bridge between cultures in the corporate world so companies are booking English lessons focused on meetings, business meetings of course. BizBites is a great app with a focus on just that, business…giving you the needed soundbites in meetings. Conference calls are basically meetings through the phone so the BizBites app covers that as well. This app isn’t a new app but its a very solid application that executes well. BizBites is substance over style, no flashing lights. BizBites helps you learn or teach standard phrases to assist in tough to talk situations in any boardroom speaking English. From disagreeing politely to interrupting without offending. With this application you’ll be having more effective meetings in no time. This app isn’t a circus attraction by any means, meaning it has a fairly simple design but its effectiveness and presentation is an A+. Learn standards business phrases and test your knowledge as well. This app is great for a teacher teaching business English abroad or in the U.S. I’ve tested this app in the classroom with an HR department and they loved it. Check out this in-depth look:

BizBites: Meetings and Conference Calls

Download from iTunes for $2.99


Download the free version for a test drive

Bookmark the page, we’ll be presenting great apps on a regular basis.

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