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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Divulged?

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on August 12, 2011 with No Comments

The future of Google’s new OS is upon us. Screenshots of Android Cream Sandwich are here for you to view, which is the next edition of Google’s OS. We have not had the time to fully grasp the implications of all of its breaking changes but things are looking pretty inviting with the Android Cream Sandwich. We appear to have beta builds of Android on the Google Nexus S. According to RootzWiki these screenshots are real but you can decide for yourself.

The source of the information garners that this is an early design that is still a work in progress and that the final version may look somewhat different. Don’t expect the Android Cream Sandwich to come out soon. It will likely not be available until around Thanksgiving. Numerous alternatives to Google’s current OS will be available as well as a brand new color scheme. One of these alternatives is a redesigned Gmail. Android Police also has obtained photos of Android Cream Sandwich which appear to be the real thing.

From information obtained by WootzWiki many new changes are coming. They are listed below:

-Blue Themed
-built in panorama mode for its camera
-Will include Google Shopper and NFC Enabled devices and will be able to utilize those features
-Gmail is all re-themed and updated
-Nexus Prime will be the first to use Android Cream Sandwich with other devices to follow
-Not too many changes, just UI things
-The little icon in the bottom right, looks like a tray with multiple apps in it (Like Honeycomb app switching)
-Google search bar will be at the very top
-Apps/Widgets launcher a lot like Honeycomb

From looking at the Wootzwiki picture we can see that everything has been modified including the icons and colors. The power bar remains green. If we could see an Android 2.4 or 3.5 we would be able to get a better feel for what the next version will bring us. It just may be that Google has not yet figured out the next version of Android themselves. The build number is IRK 36B.

via Android Community

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