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i’mwatch Android Watch: I’m Watching, Are You?

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Android, News, Software and Apps

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Published on November 04, 2011 with No Comments

When you think of the name Dick Tracy you might think of that somewhat cheesy movie with Warren Beatty and Madonna, but if you knew the name  Dick Tracy prior to the movie flop, you’d recall this watch the crime fighter used  like a phone. A watch then was clearly ahead of its time, the blueprint for the i’mwatch, an Android run watch from Blue Sky that can do it all. Not only stylish, it can receive inbound calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and even the weather forecast. And, you can get a music subscription but its kind of costly.  It has 4GB of flash drive memory, 64MB of RAM. When it comes to the display, it’s nearly 2 inches (1.54″) of TFT color with 240×240 pixel resolution. No wires needed thanks to the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. A Li-Po 450 mA rechargeable battery is included, recharge via USB or power adapter. Audio and video playback in mp3 and AAC supported formats are part of the wrist piece as well.

Talk time is up to three hours, time for other uses is five, standby with Bluetooth is 1 day, without it 2 days. The phone syncs with different smartphones and operating systems i.e. Android, iOS, RIM, Bada, Symbian and Windows. This being an Android watch, there are a few limitations depending on the operating system, only Android and Blackberry allow tethering, additionally your phone must support MAP (Message Access Profile) to receive your SMS. Have no fear using other phones like the very popular iPhone won’t be a problem. Microphone, built-in speaker, headphone jack and power mini jack make up the connectivity.

The price range on this watch is from 299€ to 11999€ depending on the i’mwatch hardware. The standard phone won’t disappoint, a silicon band with seven different colors to choose from.

The top-of-the-line i’mwatch is called the ‘white and diamonds’ which explains the cost of a Rolex. From your businessman to your yacht owning baby boomer, there is an i’mwatch from everyone. Check out the i’mwatch in the video:

NOTE: The i’mwatch will be an overseas order until stateside retailers get their hands on them, you can order now but it won’t be shipped until January 30th.

NOTE: The price is in euros, for the conversion click here.

For more info on the i’m watch click here

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