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iPad 2 Accessories: Gadgets Worth Paying For

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Deals, Featured, Ipad

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Published on August 15, 2011 with No Comments

People are always looking to expand their iPad 2 into much more than a Tablet. The iPad 2 isn’t the only tablet in the market, but it is by far the most popular regarding sales. Not only the top money maker the iPad 2 is also the cultural winner. The numbers do not lie, Apple is valued at $337 billion. What makes the iPad 2 the top tablet and keeps it at that level is the quality of the hardware. People have an obsession with Apple, rarely seen with other companies. The average customer has gravitated towards the technology and the numbers continue to grow reaching every corner of the globe. Successful? Without question, the statistics tell another story that’s obvious, more and more people are incorporating tablets into their daily lives. Serving many functions, and possibly replacing what used to be thought of as a necessary household appliance maybe even your TV or your stereo. The iPad 2 has accessories that owners should know about. Turn your iPad 2 into much more with these acceories worth paying for.

 Elgato Tivizen

Buy Elgato Tivizen for €149.95/$122.00

The Elgato Tivizen turns your iPad 2 into two things, a television by transmitting the TV signal over to your iPad 2 via Wi-Fi and if that’s unavailable it can also become its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Not only a TV, when you add the free Tivizen app you can watch, pause, rewind and record live TV on your iPad anywhere, completely untethered from the internet. You can see what shows are up next and transfer recordings to your Mac or PC. Elgato is small and easy to have with you on-the-go. Check out the video to learn a little more how this little magic box that adds another dimension to your iPad:

Download the free app from iTunes 

So you’ve gotten one of the five senses out of the way: sight. Saving your favorite television show is nice but now its time to turn your iPad 2 into a movie backed with incredibe audio.

Fidelio DS8550

Buy Fidelio Speaker/Docking Station

The DS8550 is compatible with iPad and iPad 2 and includes an iPad stand. It is also compatible with most iPod and iPhone models. It’s wireless meaning you can take it with you inside or outside to liven up a picnic. This stylish Philips Fidelio DS8550 Docking Speaker isn’t cheap, priced a little over $200, with a pretty good deal at Amazon right now it’s worth the investment. It plays music from your iPad in stunning detail and enabling wireless Bluetooth streaming for undocked music playback. Chic and elegant, the DS8550’s curved design is not only an eye catcher–it’s also an effective for improving the sound. The circular shapes helps surround you with sound creating an ideal acoustic environment for your music. On top of that it reduces distortion and resonance giving you a more precise and natural sound. Philips isn’t new to the game of making docking stations, there are a lot to choose from ranging in price,  we think this one is the best. Here’s an in-depth look at the hardware:

Voice clarity is essential, and what better than to record in style:

Meteor mic

 Buy for Meteor Mic

Perfect for your home studio, Meteor Mic is also ideal for Skype, iChat or voice recognition software. With Meteor Mic, you can make incredible recordings that are out of this world. We’ve already covered music and this mic is a nice addition for singer/songwriters or a band looking to capture a jam session right on a computer, Meteor Mic ensures you get every note. For multimedia creators, Meteor Mic brings amazing audio quality to voiceovers. Meteor Mic can help you wow your listeners and set yourself apart in a crowded podcasting community. Unlike other USB mics that require a powered USB hub, Meteor Mic plugs right into your iPad with Apple’s USB connector. I mentioned stylish before, this mic used to come in gold, it appears to be currently sold out of those but you can still pic up one of these. Uniquesquared has a nice tutorial for you to learn more about the meteor mic:

So now have a few things covered to get the most out of your iPad 2, another addition to our list might seen simple, earphones. These earphones are far from simple, but these are far more than simple earphones.


 Buy the ER4PT Earphones

Reduce all the noises you don’t want to hear and use what the professionals use, sound engineers and musicians use these earphones as a benchmark. Etymotic’s original insert earphone design were developed for auditory research and medical diagnostics and are the gold standard for high-definition. The ER-4 MicroPro series earphones were the first earphones commercialized using this technology and are recognized as the world leader in response accuracy, to which all other earphones are compared. For the steep price you are sure to get a sound like no other, additionally the set comes with extra mobile adapters and accessories for traveling professionals. Also included is an industry-exclusive channel-matching compliance graph, signed by the Etymotic engineer who precision matched and custom tuned the balanced-armature drivers. These earphones give the word quality a new meaning and if precision hearing is your goal, then getting these should be an objective. Check out the benefits of these:


Be sure to bookmark this page for regular updates, see you soon with more iPad 2 accessories.

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