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Google Docs Update for Android; File Upload Made Easy

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, Apps for Android, News, Software and Apps

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Published on August 25, 2011 with 1 Comment

Google Docs just got an update which will allow users to upload photos with less hassle. This function is great for mobile users and will allow them to work on the go with less hassle. Now when snapping a photo from your smartphone you can take it directly into Google Docs. Once you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t have much difficulty. After you shoot a photo you have three possibilities. You can upload files without converting them, convert files to Google Docs format, and send to Web Clipboard. Afterwards you can access Google Docs from anywhere and enter the cloud-based web clipboard to view any photos or documents you’ve uploaded.

Google also made huge progress internationally today with the new Google Docs app for Android. Initially the app lacked compatibility with any language other than English but with today’s update it now can be used in 46 different languages. Now people from all over the world do not have to leave Google Doc’s along with their Android device to access and manage their photos and files.

This is a step in the right direction for Android users of Google Docs. Still for us tablet users out there Google Docs lacks a tablet optimized version. Additionally, all of the kinks in offline compatibility have yet to be solved. However updated language support and the Web Clipboard are a step in the right direction for Android apps.

via Android Community

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