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Livescribe – Put your notes from Ink into the Cloud

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in News, Software and Apps

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Published on May 25, 2011 with No Comments

Livescribe is a friend in a pen, a smartpen that keeps everything you write and hear on record. In the class room nothing beats having this feature handy after an important lecture, or if your in an important meeting just tap your notes and replay everything heard. Livescribe lets you download everything to your CPU, so now losing notes, no longer an issue or excuse for students and businessmen alike. Any profession in which you need to keep accurate details Livescribe assists by syncing the audio with anything written down i.e. a picture, a figure and etc.  Fresh out the box…

The Echo Smartpen had added an interesting new feature: Livescribe Connect, a system that allows you to send entire pages to multiple recipients including Twitter users, Facebook, Google Docs, and various other cloud services. Basically you draw or write something and then draw an underscore. Next write a one or two word command (“Twitter,” “email”) and then select what you want to send, sync the pen via USB then what you wanted to send will go to the people or accounts in question. Email pages of notes or anything else needed to be sent quickly. One drawback is that it isn’t wireless, nevertheless it has a ton of features that make up for it. The Echo Smartpen costs $99 for the 2GB version and, although the pen requires special paper you can download and print your own pages or purchase special notebooks that work with the pen. The guys at crunchgear have a really cool video where they show all the features, and they interview the mastermind behind The Echo Smartpen who gives a closer look, check it out:


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Livescribe Product Page


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