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Google Docs ‘native app’ for Android; Capture text with camera

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Android, Featured, News

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Published on April 27, 2011 with No Comments

Everyday more people are using mobile devices, to access information — from email to web browsing to editing documents. So it was just a matter of time, to see an official app to easily access, edit and share content of your Google Documents. Since november 2010, mobile editing has been around but this first ‘native app’ is taking it a step further.



With this new app it’s easy to filter and search for your content across any Google account, then jump straight into editing docs using the online mobile editors. The app also allows you to easily share items with contacts on your phone, right from within the app. Even though the actual editing portion is still web based (like before) — which is still not as good in use as a dedicated document editor. But we hope to see this feature in near future.


The Docs app also allows you to upload content from your phone and open documents directly from Gmail. You can also add a widget to your home screen for easy access to three core tasks: jumping to your starred documents, taking a photo to upload, or creating a new document.

Using the app and your phone’s camera, you can turn photos with text into editable Google documents with the power of optical character recognition (OCR). Just create a new ‘Document from Photo’ or select the camera icon from the widget, and your converted document will appear in your documents list shortly after you snap the picture.

You can also convert photos already stored on your phone by sharing them with the Google Docs app. OCR does a pretty good job capturing unformatted text in English but won’t recognize handwriting or some fonts – but we’re sure, it will get better over time.

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Google Docs app for Android
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