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Google I/O 2011: NFC (Near field communication) coming to Tablets soon?

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Android, Events, Featured, News

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Published on May 11, 2011 with No Comments

Google I/O  2011 – Android Sessions

Peer-to-Peer NFC coming to Android Tablets soon. Here we see a pimped out Tablet with a NFC adapter catching video material wireless from a Nexus S with NFC (Near field communication). Also we can see some sweet features with NFC showing how wireless app sharing will look like in the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich for Android 2.2 and later devices.  NFC coming to Android


Let’s say you and a friend both have phones that support NFC, like the Nexus S. You have a game running on your phone that you would like to play with your friend, but he doesn’t have the game installed. Until now users had multiple choices to solve the problem and get the app installed as ‘quick as possible’.  But not matter what way you choose – it takes a whole lot of clicks. But withthe Nexus S or other new devices that supports NFC it would take you about: 0 clicks! That’s right, NFC supporting devices make it more than simple to get the app installed even faster than reading a QR-Code!

How it works:
All you do is, place both phones back to back . The device with the app missing will automatically be sent to the Google Market wireless without 1 click, actually a 0 click NFC ‘kick’ sends directly to google market. NFC (Near field communication) works only within centimeters, not within feet or even further like bluetooth or wifi manages wireless music/picture/videos and more streaming, it is a close range technology. Demonstrated were tag reading, writing and peer-to-peer, and includes previews of advanced peer-to-peer functionality coming in Ice Cream Sandwich such as 0-click sharing. Check out Google I/O streaming live!


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