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End of Cash in Japan: Sharp RW-T107 Android Tablet

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on August 23, 2011 with No Comments

With a new Gingerbread tablet RW-T107 from Sharp, paying in Japan just got easier. Gingerbread tablets will have a built in NFC reader. Retailers will use a point of sales apps to process purchases without you ever needing to swipe your credit card. RFID payment cards like Sony’s FeliCa have been common in Japan for more than a decade and consumers already use this technology like the back of their hand. We will have to wait and see when Sharp’s tablet will be be added as a checkout option but there are no plans to introduce it in the US, so Americans and visitors to the States will have to wait for a while before this feature is available in the U.S.

Sharp the RW-T107 has many functions that support business services. Some examples are marketing and sales and tablet devices. NFC (Near field communication) works with a non-contact IC card (IC Card stand for integrated circuit Card is a smart card or chip card) wireless communication standard like calling card customer information system. An efficient business system can be built utilizing IC cards. The terminal is also capable of measuring security enhancements. Its wireless LAN function has less interference with electrical devices. This allows for it to be used with wireless LAN devices in stores to achieve a higher standard of communication. Check the official Press Release below the picture.

Official Press Release HERE (google translated) Original Japanese Press Release

Souce: via engadget