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Mozilla Mobile Team working on Firefox Tablet Version

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on September 02, 2011 with No Comments

Currently the Mozilla Team is working on developing a tablet version of the ever popular Firefox browser. The new browser will be based on Firefox’s phone version but will take into account a tablet’s bigger screen. Firefox for your tablet will include an Awesomebar.

Visual Elements
Now Firefox will offer its trademark big back button and tab shape for your tablet. The new version of Firefox works perfectly with Android 3.O.

Firefox’s Awesomebar uses the same tabbed menu to switch to any of your favorite viewing locations. The tablet version is different than the phone version with the tabs being moved to the left with the intent of making it easier to reach and increase how many search results can be shown above the keyboard.

Tabs are now back due due to the larger screen that tablets provide. Some of them were hidden due to the lack of space a smartphone screen provides. Now using landscape on your tablet you can flip through tabs while viewing websites. Firefox’s portrait mode allows you to roll up the tab bar into the menu as an item. This allows for maximum browsing space.

via ianbarlow