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FCC Contacted by Google Regarding Microsoft Leaking

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on August 12, 2011 with No Comments

It appears that Microsoft has blundered once again. This time they have leaked Android source code and a request has been made by Google with the US International Trade Commission to prevent a witness for Microsoft from testifying in a Motorola lawsuit because they leaked confidential source code. Recently Microsoft has been involved with many lawsuits. Just in June Microsoft $290 million dollar patent lawsuit against i4i was rejected. Google has filed a motion with the ITC this week to ask that Dr. Robert Stevenson be forbidden from testifying for Microsoft since he had been leaked Android source code that was supposed to be keep secret.

Google’s response was:

“The protective order governing confidentiality in this investigation explicitly requires that Microsoft disclose to Google any consultant or expert seeking access to Google confidential business information or highly confidential source code before [Google’s emphasis] allowing a consultant or expert to review such information so that Google has an opportunity to object prior to disclosure,”

The current case is between Microsoft and Motorola. Microsoft is required by Google to give prior written notice in regards to the release of confidential information by Dr. Stevenson in testifying in this case. Microsoft is attempting to make Motorola pay damages for patent infringement of Android technology. This is not the only case in the previous few months in which Microsoft has tried to seek damages for patent infringement on Android devices.

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