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HP is 2nd in U.S. Tablet Sales after Apple

Written by Gene Ryan Briones. Posted in Android, Ipad, News, WebOS

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Published on January 10, 2012 with No Comments

Adversity has its own advantages. The road was a little bit tough for HP last year, forcing the long-running company to take drastic measures by marking down the price of its flagship TouchPad tablet by as much as 80%. It’s a classic scenario of the fast and the furious, as HP throttles its way into the top, eventually becoming the second most sought after tablet next to the iPad. The NPD Group said that the HP TouchPad covered 17% of the total tablet sales in the U.S. from January to October last year. Surprisingly, HP surpassed Samsung who only managed to place third with 16%. Asus placed forth with with 10% and Motorola as well as Acer managed 9%. Although Acer also has Android and Windows 7 tablets in their line-up. It may sound a little crazy, but HP’s strategy worked. The record shows that HP was able to sell approximately 1.2 million TouchPads during the firesale season.

So, were you able to get a TouchPad? How’s your experience so far? The tablet might be underrated compared to other tablets out there, but considering the very stable OS plus the unbelievable price of $99 and the option to get an alpha build of the CyanogenMod 7 as well the CyanogenMod 9 version of Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s definitely worth it. Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: prweb via Android Community and via Slashgear

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