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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Accessories

Written by Gene Ryan Briones. Posted in Android, Deals, Featured

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Published on October 12, 2011 with No Comments

The competition in the tablet industry is tough. With the iPad being considered by many as the gold standard of what a tablet should be, rival manufacturers are trying very hard to change all that. But for companies like Samsung, no matter how hard the climb is, they are simply getting better and better. And you can find that nowhere else than in Samsung’s own line of Galaxy tablets. Last year, Samsung released the 7-inch Galaxy tablet in high hopes of making it to the top of the list. But it’s quite obvious that many were not utterly impressed. Earlier this year, Samsung made another comeback with a revolutionized 10.1-inch Galaxy tablet. However, judging from what we are seeing now, the huge tablet is still treading water. Undeterred, the South Korean giant introduced a third one – the 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.  And boy, it’s quite fascinating! Apart from its portable just-the-right size, it’s also the world’s slimmest tablet. Today, we bring to you the best and most dashing accessories for the 8.9 Samsung Galaxy S tablet.

Meet the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Accessories:

1. Galaxy Tab 8.9 Keyboard Dock

At the top of our list is the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Keyboard Dock. Convenience, functionality and productivity – these are among the benefits that you will get from this dock originally made by Samsung. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 Keyboard Dock is basically a soft-touch keyboard that is very easy to use.

Personally, we love this ultra-responsive keyboard for its complete set of Android hot keys. Now, accessing your email, viewing music videos and surfing on the Internet can all be done via a touch of a key. For a price tag of $79.99, the fulfilment is unlike no other.

 Order from Samsung for $79.99

2. Galaxy Tab 8.9 Leather Pouch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is quite fragile and might need a lot of care and attention. Good thing there’s the Galaxy 8.9 Leather Pouch to protect the tablet from harmful damage brought about by accidental scratches and contusions.

For just $29.99, the leather pouch will easily store and hold the 8.9-inch tablet so you need to worry about taking it along with you – anytime and anywhere.

Personally, we love this pouch for its elegance and slim fit design.

Order from Samsung for $29.99

3. Galaxy Tab 8.9 Book Cover Case Black

If you are opting for a more durable protection for the 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, then the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Book Cover Case is the recommended choice. With the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Book Cover Case, you are guaranteed that all corners and sides of your tablet are completely protected from damaging bumps and impact. Notable features include the option to convert the case into a viewing stand capable of viewing 2 angles, exposed ports and buttons for continued full operation while stored in the case and the bookish-looking cover that also has a magnetic clasp for maximum protection when not in use. Samsung is currently selling this case for $64.99.

Order from Samsung for $64.99

4. Galaxy Tab 8.9 Multi-Media Dock

We understand that a tablet is more than just a device. It’s more like virtual assistant who will help us get through the day. Whether it’s an email, a chat meeting or a project management task, your tablet will always be there for you.  But for that to happen, you will need a flexible charger to power up your tablet even when you are at work. For maximum convenience and continuous operation, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Multi-Media Dock is your all-around partner. For the price of $34.99, the multi-media dock also has an HDMI port, data sync to PC option and a 3.5mm audio out jack for external speakers. Head over to Samsung right now to get this cool accessory.

Order from Samsung for $34.99

5. Galaxy Tab Conductive Stylus

Also our personal favorite, the Galaxy Tab Conductive Stylus is the perfect instrument that will give you the refined results that you want to get while taking down notes during meetings or when drawing illustrations for your business presentation.

It’s nicely finished in both black and chrome colors, and the conductive tip will also simulate the tap, touch, and swipe actions of your fingers into the screen of the tablet. And once you are done, simply clip the stylus into your tuxedo or pocket. Get this one-of-a-kind stylus now for only $19.99.

Order from Samsung for $19.99

6. rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover

Get smart with the rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover. Made compatible only for the 8.9-inch  tablet from Samsung, this gorgeous leather case cover has a built in stand for an even more improved 45-degree angle viewing and a detachable inner sleeve for optional handheld usage. What we like about this cover is its almost-complete set of features – business and ID slots, accessory flaps, elastic loop for pen and stylus, dual zipper and accessibility to all ports and controls. Pretty amazing huh? We can say truly say that this case is a must-have for every professional out there who has the 8.9 Galaxy Tab from Samsung. Amazon is selling this case cover for $39.92.

7. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Black Carbon Fiber Screen Film

We simply cannot leave you without telling you about this amazing accessory that will prove to be extremely useful for the 8.9-inch  Samsung Galaxy Tab. We are referring to the black carbon-fiber  film and screen protector from ArmorSuit. From the leading manufacturer and distributor of Armor Suit-Military Shield Skin Products, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Black Carbon Fiber Film and Screen Protector is like the symbiotic suit of Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom – fictional nemesis of Spider-Man. This case is virtually scratch-proof and is engineered with the manufacturer’s self-healing technology. In case you didn’t know, the ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield technology is designed to negate UV light and is the same material used in most military aircrafts. If that sounds cool to you, Amazon is selling this screen film for a cheap price of $13.95.

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