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iPad Password Workaround – Major Security Flaw

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Ipad, News, Software and Apps

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Published on October 21, 2011 with No Comments

A security error which enables unauthorized access to certain iPad 2 apps, even when the tablet is PIN-locked, has been identified. With Apple’s own Smart Cover you can bypass the protection. The flaw spotted by Apfeltalk, uses Apple’s Smart Cover unlocking system, which wakes up the iPad 2 when taken off. With the right combination of button pressed, (see instructions below), the tablet is open and ready for partial use.

How deep you can acces the iPad depends on which app you left on-screen prior to locking the device. The “highjacked” tablet will allow use of whatever app is currently active. So make sure to not leave your Mail App open… Otherwise someone could browse through your messages and send emails from your account.

When leaving the device with the homescreen, apps can be browsed through, but cannot be opened or deleted, altough your Music Player can be controlled from the app-switcher bar.

The problem is currently confirmed to affect iOS5, but also problems with iOS 4.3 have been reported.

1) Lock a password protected iPad 2

2) Hold down power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider

3) Close Smart Cover

4) Open Smart Cover

5) Click cancel on the bottom of the screen

If the iPad was left showing the homescreen, apps can be browsed through – though not opened or deleted – and music playback controlled from the app-switcher bar. At the moment the problem is confirmed to affect iOS 5, but there have been some reports of it also working on iOS 4.3

Apple knows about the problem, so there should be an update coming soon. Everyone who would like to stuff the loophole until then, can just turn off the would like to save their iPad from third party access, can just deactivate the smart cover locking mechanism in settings.

via Apfeltalk

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