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Best External Battery For iPad And Other Tablet PCs

Written by Gene Ryan Briones. Posted in Android, Deals, Featured, Ipad

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Published on October 07, 2011 with No Comments

Tablets are a gift from the gods. We just love every single piece of hardware embedded within those gorgeous handy computers. To be honest with you, it’s pretty hard for us to get through the day without them. We use it in our work, in writing, in planning; in communicating with clients and in our much needed team collaboration. And not only that, our favorite tablets such as the iPad 2 or the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet also has those extremely useful apps that give spice to our day. But that momentary bliss can turn upside down in a snap once you ran out of power. You see, we often underestimate the importance of having an external battery to back up power. You will never know what will happen next. So it’s better to be prepared. Today, we’d like to give you the best external battery for the iPad and other tablets.

1. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation

On top of our list is the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. When you want power, this external battery is exactly what you need. Its 4000mAh rechargeable power capacity battery is engineered to give insurmountable amounts of power to any USB-enabled device at the shortest possible time. Although this external battery works well with the iPhone and other popular smartphones in the market, it can also power the iPad tablet.  We’ve tried it ourselves and it’s pretty impressive. Some notable features include a high-density, high-output battery that can charge four times faster than other conventional USB batteries and the cool LED charge status indicators. Amazon is selling this:

2. Mophie Juice Pack Boost

California-based company Mophie does it again with the Mophie Juice Pack Boost External Battery. This baby has a smaller battery capacity at 2000mAh. But make no mistake. It’s virtually enough to power the hungry iPad tablet. What we love about this external battery is its sleek pocket-sized design that is never a hassle to bring along with you wherever you go. Similar to the Juice Pack Powerstation, the Juice Pack Boost is also a high-density, high-output battery that is capable of charging speeds up to 2 amps. You will also love this battery for its integrated stand-by switch that will ensure no drainage in the battery itself when not in use. There’s also a built-in protection system against overcharging, temperature damage and short circuits. Currently, Amazon is selling this accessory:


3. iSound Portable Power Max

They say that with great power comes great portability. Coming in at third place is the iSound Portable Power Max Battery. Portability is what this battery is all about. With its whopping 16,000 mAh of pure power, the iSound Portable Power Max can literally charge multiple devices at once without the need for an AC outlet. According to its manufacturer, this battery is capable of providing approximately 480 hours of power – more than enough to power your tablet while you are on the go.  Other fascinating features include LED indicators, 5 ports, a micro USB cable that can function as a splitter and a built-in flash light.

4. New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 11000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger

The New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 11000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger is another great external battery for tablets. This external battery has the 4rth generation USB type power bank that will work flawlessly on the iPad 2 tablets. The New Trent iCruiser External Battery Pack and Charger is a Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of storing 11,000mAh of power. Charge this battery at least once a week and you need to worry about running out of power again. It is very easy to use and the glossy packaging is quite nice. So if you are looking for an everyday external battery pack for your tablet, then the New Trent iCruiser External Battery Pack and Charger is your choice. Amazon is selling this awesome pack:


5. New Trent iDual-Port Pack IMP50D 5000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger

Also from New Trent, the iDual-Port Pack IMP50D 5000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger is perfect for your iPad or iPad 2 tablet. What’s amazing about this external battery is its small dual-port design that is great for travelling light. Charging this battery is also not a problem since it can be done in the computer via the USB port. It’s also great for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and your Sony PSP. The New Trent iDual-Port Pack External Battery and Charger is recommended for minimal computing while on the go. If you are like most of us who usually hold a tablet and a smartphone in both of our hands, then this external battery is your partner. It’s in the Amazon Store:


6. TeckNet iEP380-II 7000mAh Dual-Port 2.1Amp Output Universal USB Battery Pack

Last but definitely not the least is the TeckNet iEP380-II 7000mAh Dual-Port 2.1Amp Output Universal USB Battery Pack. Dubbed as the world’s thinnest 7000mAh external battery, this next generation battery pack is more improved with an advanced Li-Polymer battery technology and a total output of 5V 2.0 Amp. Compared to its predecessor, the iEP380, iEP380-II is more powerful and faster while retaining the standard dual-port functionality. It also has a better circuit feature for temperature protection and damage prevention from overcharging and short-circuiting. This battery pack comes in two colors – white and black. To check the price, visit Amazon now:



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