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Windows 8 On Tablet: The Future OS On Tablets?

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in News, Software and Apps, Windows

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Published on September 16, 2011 with No Comments

We’ve talked about Windows 8, from developers to enhancements. Now we have a couple of videos behind the new speed of Windows 8. The Windows 8 fast boot is called “Hybrid Boot”. Faster than your cell phone and also the tablet you carry with you the fast reboot times are thanks to a sleep-like state. Security is another feature of Windows 8, ‘Secure Boot’ prevents unsigned code attempts from running. This feature keeps your hardware free from malware. With speed and safety covered the next step, customization. “Picture Password” lets you configure multiple points to tap on the lock screen wallpaper to unlock your device giving you the option to adjust the settings. The touch screen also give you the Windows 8 “touch first” experience through music, movies, and all other entertainment choices. Metro UI is not the only touch-friendly feature of Windows 8.

New features include a new set of touch gestures. Swiping from the left bezel onto the screen switches to previously-opened apps. Swiping from the right bezel in opens the “Charm Bar” a side menu of useful options and settings. Swiping from the top or the bottom bezels onto the screen performs some app navigation. Sit back and enjoy a couple of video demonstrations WIndows 8 on a tablet:


Windows 8 could very well be the engine on tablets everywhere, thinking of how many of us use Windows on a daily basis might like the transition to a tablet. Those videos are courtesy of netbooknews


Source: netbooknews