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Windows 8 fast boot, really ? VIDEO

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in News, Windows

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Published on September 15, 2011 with No Comments

Last month Windows 8’s fast boot was launched claiming to be faster than ever. Now we have the video for you so you can see for yourself how fast the boot speed really is. It’s Metro start screen will return in just seconds after the device is shut down. Its faster boot will be great for HDD and SSD systems.

Looks like there will be a Windows 8 fast boot. According to Microsoft 57 percent of PC users and 45 percent of laptop users shut down their computers after using them. The reason being that they did not want to waste power when their computers were inactive. Therefore Microsoft sought to create a Windows 8 boot that didn’t use power when off and would boot rapidly by pressing a power button on the PC.

Windows 8 shutdown works by hibernating the kernel session rather than closing it. This works wonders since in hibernation mode the amount of data that needs to be saved to the disk is less. The result is that it reads and resumes at a higher speed. Tests done by Microsoft show that it is 30 to 70 percent faster on a variety of systems. According to Microsoft “it is downright amazing” with SSDs.

Watch the action below for yourself:

via winrumors