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The Latest From The Windows Store for Windows 8

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in News, Windows

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Published on September 15, 2011 with No Comments

The lock down is on at Microsoft. Ted Dworkin a Partner Director of Program Management on the Windows Web Services team announced that Microsoft will be locking down Metro apps. All apps will be run through a security check and a malware scan. Not to mention that Metro apps will only be available through Microsoft’s new app store.

Also at Build the user interface and features of the Windows Store for Windows 8 were on display. The Windows Store is built on the same WinRT APIs that developers can get a hold of with the Windows 8 Metro apps. HTML 5 is used to provide users with a secure portal for tested applications.

Now websites can advertise their Windows Metro application on their own site. A company or organization website with an application will have a button which users can use to launch or download their application. The user will be launched right into the Metro Windows Store and will be given the opportunity to download or try the application. For applications already installed on your device it will simply be a launching pad.

Dworkin was mute on any information on licensing as well as other details on how Microsoft will deal with the cost of apps.

Watch the video to see the Windows Store for Windows 8 for yourself

Source: via Winrumors