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The Best Sony Tablet S Accessories

Written by Gene Ryan Briones. Posted in Android, Featured

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Published on September 30, 2011 with No Comments

It all started from a single sketch. Sony has long been a key player in the consumer electronics market. Back in the days when the PC industry was just starting, Sony was already achieving big time – particularly in the entertainment business. If you haven’t been there, Sony was a pioneer of the Betamax, the CRT television, the Walkman, the 3.5 inch floppy disk, the compact disk, the DVD, the memory stick, the Blu-ray disk and yes, the PlayStation – all introduced as standards. When you think about the evolution of computers, smartphones and tablets, it’s pretty hard to imagine that Sony isn’t riding in with the trend.

Following the release of Sony’s very own line of VAIO laptop computers and Xperia series smartphones, the mogul is now planning to invade the tablet industry with the introduction of the Sony Tablet S.  The Sony Tablet S is truly a one of a kind Android tablet that has a lot of noteworthy features including a unique wedge-shaped design that has a resemblance of a newspaper being rolled-over for reading. Other head turning specs include the IR remote control for managing multiple devices and its integration with PlayStation. Sounds cool huh?

Alright, much has been said about the tablet device. Now is the time to talk about its accessories. Unknown to many, the tablet also has a bunch of accessories on its sleeve. Knowing what the best accessories are for the Sony Tablet S will not only enhance the tablet’s functionality, it will also make one’s experience with it truly worthwhile. Here are the best accessories for the Sony Tablet S:

1. Sony Tablet S LCD Screen Protector

Exclusively designed for the Sony Tablet S, the Sony Tablet S LCD Screen Protector is made to protect the device from scratches, grime and fingerprints. It is made from an anti-reflective coating similar to that of the technology used on the Sony Tablet S’s screen. This protector is also very easy to install and setup – perfect for everyday use. If you will head over to Amazon, the accessory is currently being sold:

2. Sony Tablet S Cradle

Another cool accessory that is a perfect match for the Sony Tablet S is the Sony Tablet S Cradle. Basically what this cradle does is that it will provide you with two viewing angle options – the photo mode and a keyboard mode. The photo mode will enable your tablet to transform into a digital photo display. You can even use your tablet as a desk clock with these around. The keyboard mode on the other hand is capable of assisting users to type properly with the right angle each time an external keyboard is used. Amazon is currently selling this accessory:

3. Sony Tablet S Leather Carrying Case

By the way, you can store the Sony Tablet S in the elegant and stylish Sony Tablet S Leather Carrying Case. Made from 100% pure high quality leather, the leather carrying case has a slim and a sleek design that easily slips into your bag. And boy you will love this case for its luxurious feel. But it’s not just about the design.

The Sony Tablet S Leather Carrying Case will also save your tablet from scratches and other harmful elements. This elegant case is being sold at Amazon:

4. Sony Tablet S Bluetooth Keyboard

Although the Sony Tablet S has a nice interface that supports fluid typing in landscape mode, you can easily morph the tablet into a semi-netbook by utilizing the Sony Tablet S Bluetooth Keyboard. If you are into heavy typing, or if you are writing that blog or lengthy email, this portable keyboard is your buddy. It has a standard 19.5mm key pitch for the best typing experience plus it has special Android keys that nicely imitates the exact icons found in the tablet. This keyboard is fast, portable and very functional. If you are planning to get one, you can check out the Amazon:

5. Targus Stylus for Sony Tablets

If you are like us who all love to optimize our stuff, then we also recommend the Targus Stylus for Sony Tablets. With this stylus, navigating your tablet device will be as easy as one, two and three. Flip that page, write down those notes (in the conventional style) and draw those charts with this ingenious tool. Don’t worry, this stylus is perfectly safe for your tablet. It works flawlessly and it can operate without the need for any software installation and power. It’s being sold at Sony for an amazing price of $14.99.

Model Number: TRAMM01TBUS

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