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Samsung Files Patent Complaint: Shots Fired At Apple

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Ipad, News

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Published on September 14, 2011 with No Comments

Samsung files patent complaint! Earlier this week in France Samsung has fired back at Apple, filing a complaint for infringement of three mobile phone technology patents in its iPhone and iPad tablet computers. According to a Samsung spokeswoman, “The complaint focuses on three technology patents, and not on the design of the tablets”. This is getting out of hand, Apple complained about the similarity in look and style and not the technology inside the product. The words of Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann couldn’t have been clearer, “The court is of the opinion that Apple’s minimalistic design isn’t the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible…for the informed customer, there remains the predominant overall impression that the device looks like Apple’s design.”

As mentioned Samsung has a different beef and the reasoning for making an official announcement this week for something done before a Paris district court in July is unknown. But that’s beside the point, the first hearing is expected in December. Apple has only succeeded in banning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, there goal was to prevent the product from getting in the hands of consumers living in the European Union. Samsung has said its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer has been selling well in France since it hit the market in mid-August, so is this a move to keep things going strong? Samsung has an issue with UMTS, which is one type of so-called third generation mobile phone technology. This technology is found in Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS and iPhone4 smartphone models, and first and second-generation iPads that are mobile phone capable. Only Apple has won a decision by the court, despite responding legally to everything Apple has pushed through the legal system. Samsung responded with a claim in Seoul South Korea alleging five patent infringements by Apple, after Apple filed their first suit. After the Netherlands banned three Samsung telephone models on August 24, Samsung launched a counter-claim, due to be heard by the same court on September 26. Waiting for a ruling in favor of Samsung might take a while, Apple being the worlds richest company carries a lot of political clout which means power. The real inquiry: Why is such a powerful company trying to bury another company’s product? Either Samsung is the company to give Apple a real fight in the ‘ring of public opinion’ or there are things going on we aren’t privy to. Unfortunately Germany won’t be given the chance to test out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 anytime soon, even though Samsung has said it plans to appeal the decision. Samsung has great products, take a look at our video of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from Berlin’s IFA before is was removed thanks to Apple:

Bookmark this page, after the case on the 26th we will have updated info on its progress, in the meantime you can still pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1:

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Source: Slashgear