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HP TouchPad for $99 + 6 Top Apps for Free!

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in News, WebOS

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Published on August 26, 2011 with 1 Comment

The deals from HP TouchPad keep on getting better and better. First HP dropped the price of their tablet to $99 and now are offering an even better deal on their soon to be defunct webOS tablet. HP has announced that you will also get paid apps for free with your HP TouchPad. On HP Palm’s blog they have announced that they will be giving away 6 popular paid apps for free to all HP webOS customers. Some of these apps run for as much as $14.99.

Here are the apps that HP is currently offering for free (limited time only):

Glimpse (Inglorious Apps, $5, injoj55410gavxv): Improve your TouchPad multitasking skills using this customizable and entrancing split-screen interface.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook (zuuka, $2.99, eotss76676jjzqr): Brings the voice of Kung Pu Panda and his sidekicks right to your TouchPad.

Big Boss (Fair Play Labs, $1.99, vfimk09918lngoz): Have fun designing  your own monster “ Big Boss Boss” and attempt to defeat the brave heroes and powerful wizards of WackyLands.

Sparkle HD (10tons Ltd., $4.99, pweuq32135vrbhx): TouchPad version of the popular desktop game.

Camera for TouchPad (Keen Studios, $0.99, rijon62171nhvtu): This app allows you to take photos and manage them with other TouchPad apps.

Audubon Birds (Green Mountain Digital, $14.99, jjiox66488ddnik): Listen to all the sounds of North American birds as well as viewing stunning photography of them.

Click here to learn how to access the free apps mentioned above.

via hp Palm