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Best Production For iPad 2: Music is Magic Pt. 3 – Alesis iO Dock

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Deals, Featured, Ipad

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Published on August 22, 2011 with No Comments

Our coverage of music will never really end, it only will continue to grow with each new product launched or discovered that we here at TNN believe is a needed supplement for your iPad 2. Music is Magic parts one and two focus on the guitar and percussion respectively. That being said, as committed to in previous posts we’ve begun the final chapter: Music Production on the iPad 2: Music is Magic Pt. 3. This post will start a little slower than the others meaning we’ll post one product at a time adding another when we find a suitable addition. Producers, the ones who stay in the studio 24/7, tweaking the timing of each audio track and fine tuning the levels have a needed companion for their iPad 2 in the Alesis iO Dock. Music producers are very familiar with Alesis. Alesis does it all when it comes to music production: designing and marketing electronic musical instruments, digital audio processors, audio mixers, digital audio interfaces, recording equipment, drum machines, professional audio and electronic percussion products. In fact Alesis produced the first, under $1000, 16-bit professional effects processor, the MIDIverb. Alesis has moved right alongside technology with the Alesis iO Dock.

Alesis iO Dock

It’s a universal docking station specifically designed for the iPad and iPad 2, and it gives musicians, recording engineers, and music producers the connectivity they need to create and perform masterpieces with their iPads. Being able to connect all your pro audio gear to virtually any app in the App Store with the iO Dock is an added great feature. Songwriters, music producers and performers everywhere can connect the iPad’s powerful processor to their collection of microphones, instruments, professional speaker and PA systems, MIDI controllers, sound modules, video projectors and much more. It’s key features include a video output for connection to TVs and projectors, two combo XLR-1/4″ inputs for use with audio gear, instruments, and computer audio, input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones, Guitar-direct switch for use with amplifier- and effects-modeling app. Additionally a headphone jack with separate volume controls and an assignable 1/4-inch footswitch input. Once priced at $399.00 these days there are some nice deals out there. To pick up the Alesis iO Dock at the lowest prices check out these two links:

Buy from for $164.61

Buy from for $170(free shipping)

Aside from these two above deals the prices seems to settle at $199.99 at most other retailers

Buy Alesis iO Dock from Best Buy $199.99

Check out the video:

Best Musician Apps For iPad 2 pt. 1

Best Musician Apps For iPad 2 pt. 2

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