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Textbooks In Korea To Go Digital By 2015, Samsung To Hit Jackpot?

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Featured, News

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Published on July 04, 2011 with No Comments

One of the most memorable things to a young kid or student going to school or college must be the weight of their textbooks they have to carry everyday. Also parents have criticized schools for giving their young kids books to carry weighing almost half the weight of the kid. Also the cost factor should not be left unspoken. Quick a couple of hundred dollars add up for a year or semester in school or college while one of the books alone could weighed a couple ponds. Also schlepping those books from one end of campus to the other in a rush to make class can be very exhausting. I bet a lot of students including be would have been thrilled to be able to get all my books on a tablet, but in my days as student, we were still packing heavy books and fat notebooks.

In South Korea, the government has decided that all of the elementary-level education textbooks will be digitized and that by 2015 all of the curriculum will be delivered on computers, smartphones, and tablets. This makes a lot of sense with kids only needing a tablet rather than a backpack full of books. While South Korean officials haven’t yet said what tablet will be used for the new digital books, my money is on Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would make for a nice little educational tablet. So would it’s little brother the Samsung Glaxaxy Tab 8.9. Samsung is the largest Korean electronics company and is seemingly the choice for the program. What do you think of digital textbooks? I am sure kids would rather use a tablet in school than a book. Although a bit of romantic flair gets lost in the classroom when kids don’t have actual textbooks and they’re writing more and more is being transfered to either a notebook/netbook or tablet, there are defiantly many benefits for kids, parents and schools. I already see now kids that rather to all their writing assignments on a notebook in class and are thrilled to do so than having to write assignments by hand.

[via Technology Review]

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