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Talk through your iPad with Verbally and MyVoice

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Apps for iOS, Featured, Ipad, News, Software and Apps

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Published on June 18, 2011 with No Comments

Verbally and MyVoice do the talking for those with ailments preventing them from talking. Everyday gadgets help us communicate and thanks to Intuary, a company dedicated to innovative technology, we have Verbally. Verbally is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app for speaking unique thoughts and feelings, designed to minimize keystrokes and to maximize ease & speed. Those ailingĀ  with apraxia, ALS, stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, or muscular dystrophy Verbally is priceless.

Verbally does nearly everything to assist you in communication. It includes a Core Words Grid, which can save you over 50% of the taps required to input your sentences and also a Core Phrases Grid which offers a dozen common phrases to enable faster & easier conversation. Plus, you can choose male or female voices, with any iPad running iOS version 3.2 or higher you’re good. Verbally both priceless and without price, its free onĀ  itunes Here’s a video that explains the benefits of Verbally and shows you how it works:

Download Verbally for iPad from iTunes HERE

Similar to Verbally, there is also MyVoice, which helps you get over the obstacles or the speech and language challenges some must face. Different from Verbally MyVoice has location-awareness features, you can also download phrase books and wireless customization from any web browser. Check out the CEo of the company talk about why MyVoice was created plus a demo.

Although in this video the MyVoice user has an iPhone of course its available on the iPad, awesome technology check it out, and yes its free as well:

Technology has come a long way with these two apps, innovation that makes communication impeding conditions obsolete.


Download MyVoice for iPad from iTunes HERE

Souce: TechCrunch, mcelwainandcompany

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