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Apple unveils iOS5 & iCloud – Innovating?

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Events, Featured, Ipad, News

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Published on June 07, 2011 with No Comments

We’re used to Apple being inspiring and innovating but the new features on iOS5 and iCloud seems like, Apple this time has been inspired by other groundbreakers. A lot of the iCloud features are combining famous web 2.0 features and features of new apps that have become famous lately… like Dropbox, SugarSync,, and more. Also with Amazon and Google both started their music-cloud-services earlier this year is Apple’s iCloud going to be “just” another company trying to jump on the cloud train? Or is iCloud really going to make a difference? A benefit is that you can sync all your data, not only music and top of that – it is integrated.  Also a whole lot of iOS5 features presented in the bottom video are what iPad-, iPhone,- iPod-users have been seeking to see in an update for a long time. Android users probably just smile about the reaction of the Apple fans when the notification bar was presented, as this has been a Android feature since day one. But there are more features take a look at the video…
Still wondering what’s all about this icloud?
In a cloud you basically save all your relevant files and are able to sync these files between various devices. Apple also jumps on the train after Amazon and Google have started their pandon earlier this year.

iCloud is built right into your apps, Music bought on iTunes, Photos, Books, apps and documents. Even email contacts and calendars. Everywhere you go.

Still don’t get it? Here let Apple explain it to you: What is icloud?

iCloud and iOS will be released this fall!