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Tablet Accessories: Best Tablet Stand/Holder

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Deals, Featured

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Published on May 31, 2011 with No Comments

Even if your tablet is as light as a feather, when working, surfing or playing with a slate in your hands, even the thinnest tablet can get pretty heavy on your nerves. A stable stand for the tablet which ensures comfortable typing and interacting with the tablet in different positions is what we need, because there are times away from the couch or bed where a stable stand for a tablet is needed. None of the big brands ship their devices with a stand and none provide it as an accessory. Apples overpriced IPAD2 Smartcover has a pretty neat magnet clip which covers the pad and when folded and flipped back — it is then supposed to hold the tablet upright, but it cannot really count as an stable stand. Also ASUS has something similar for the Transformer, the ASUS Sleeve Case for ASUS Eee Pad ASUS Sleeve Case for ASUS Transformer (TF101 Sleeve) , but ASUS’ at least covers the back.  But like Apple’s iPad2 Smartcover, it cannot really count as a stable stand at all, but I guess that’s a different story.

So a stable stand for our tablet should hold the device in different positions, it should be heavy enough to stand stable on the table, floor or other even surface 😉 Also a must is, that the tablet-stand is compatible with different brands and different sizes. Let’s say you writing an email, you want the tablet-stand to hold the device in a different position when typing than you do when doing, let’s say a presentation.

Tablet-News.Net recommends the following two Tablet Stands:

Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Stand
: ST-R1

Product Features

  • Compatible with 7″ to 10″ tablets: iPad, iPad 2, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy 10.1, ViewSonic gTablet, BlackBerry Playbook, HTC Flyer
  • Solid aluminum construction with rubber pads that hold surface for your tablet
  • Put your tablet in Portrait, Landscape or Flat-Angled orientation, change Height or Angle.
  • 270 degree mount hinge, 180 degree base hinge, folds away compactly into its pouch
  • Package includes: R1 Stand, pouch, user manual with 1 year warranty

Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand
A light version stand and maybe better for the use on the go is this tiny stand:

Product Info:
Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 is an exceedingly travel-friendly tablet computer stand designed for use with nearly all new lightweight tablet computers such as the Apple iPad and others. A quality user-friendly stand is an essential tablet accessory for enhancing your mobile computing experience. The desktop stand frees up your hands so you can watch movies, read an eBook or recipe, surf the web, conduct a presentation, view photos, read displayed sheet music, or conduct any other activity that would benefit from a foldable easel type of stand.

Key Features:

  • Extremely portable and fits in any bag or pocket
  • Works with Apple iPad with or without a case or sleeve
  • Non skid material on base keeps the stand secure on flat surfaces
  • Perfect for Air plane seat trays
  • Position your device in multiple angles in landscape or portrait view

Breffo Spiderpodium Stand for iPad/iPad 2 and Other Tablet Devices – Graphite (SPTGRA)
The most versatile and cost effective tablet accessory on the market. Grips, mounts or docks any tablet device in virtually any environment. Can be used to mount iPad or similar device in a car, on a boat, camping, on a plane or just on your desk. Strong steel endoskeleton provides strength while rubber outer skin gives grip and hold.

  • Car & Travel — Use as a vent holder or hang on the back of the seat in front of you
  • Home & Office — Hands free viewing on any desk or counter top
  • Leisure & Outdoors — Wrap around bike handlebars, backpack, or baby stroller
  • 8 Legs are better than 3! Use as a steady tripod (or octopod)
  • Fits any tablet sized device

black and grey

n Portable Fold-Up Stand