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File Sync Apps: Dropbox vs. SugarSync

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Apps for Android, Apps for iOS, Featured, Software and Apps

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Published on May 02, 2011 with 5 Comments

Why save your data local, when you can save it in the cloud? You can access all your files and documents from any computer or mobile device. There is a growing list of services dedicated to syncing and storing files in the cloud, the two following consistently remain at the top: Dropbox and SugarSync.

These File Sync Apps provide you with features to get started for free!


Dropbox the most used Software for synchronizing your files across multiple computers. Dropbox gives you 2 GB free storage. You can upgrade 50GB for 9.99 $/month or even to 100 GB for 19.99 $/month. All major platform are supported.

Dropbox is simple. It’s your magic Dropbox folder, on your mobile device. This Cleanl designed app makes it easy to upload and delete files, or create new files using your phone’s camera, audio recorder, notepad, and so on.

Also Dropbox features, a security password option in case your phone falls into the wrong hands or your Dropbox folder contains sensitive information.

Overall, Dropbox’s core functions work perfectly and without any stability issues. It integrates very good with your mobile device’s hardware, plays extremely well with other installed applications, and offers some extra security.

Dropbox Screenshot 1Dropbox Screenshot 2



Never heard of Dropbox? Check the video below to learn what Dropbox is and does.

see the Video on Youtube


Download from:
Dropbox app for Android
Android Devices click on code:
Size: 1,1M

Ipad users: Dropbox iPad version
For iPhone users:
Dropbox iPhone version
Blackberry: Blackberry Dropbox Blackberry version
Download Desktop Application: Windows, Mac, Linux


SugarSync service itself offers a lot more syncing options than its rival. It doesn’t revolve around a single carry-all folder like Dropbox does. SugarSync allows you to pick and choose any folders on any of your devices to sync, which means plenty of flexibility, especially with the built-in Android File Manager. As a whole, it may not be as simple as Dropbox’s app, but it’s certainly more feature-packed.

The AutoSync Photos option is awesome. Enable it, and every time you take a photo it’ll automatically get backed up in the cloud–all in the background, without any pop-up confirmations.

Dropbox Screenshot 3Sugar Sync







Overall, SugarSync is a powerful app with a built-in File Manager and a AutoSync tool. While there are a few stability problems known with AutoSync, for the most part it performed solidly, and is a worthwhile download.

Download from:
SugarSync app for Android
Android Devices click on code:
Size: 1,1M

For iPhone users: SugarSync iPhone version
Blackberry: SugarSync BlackBerry version (BlackBerry firmware version 5.0 or greater)
Windows & Symbian:
Download SugarSync

Download Desktop Application: Windows, Mac

Source: CNET

BlackBerry firmware version 5.0 or greater
  • iOS

    Nice Arcticle! Also a good Cloud file sharing system is

    The gives you 5 GB free, The business edition is priced at $15 (around £9.55) per user / month (3 users minimum) with 500 GB web storage.

    It comes with lots of features you might want to check out

  • frank

    I use Sugarsync… Works well mac, pc and android

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    • Todd Schneider

      I second that!

  • Taylor

    Do they let you back up apps as well?

    • Frank

      No it is for synchronizing data and files. What you can do if you create a backup is, you can upload your backups to the cloud…