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Is it Big Brother or Big Apple? Apple tracking iPhone and iPad users!?!

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Featured, Ipad, News

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Published on April 28, 2011 with 1 Comment

We’ve been asking ourselves the same question all week…Is it Big Brother or Big Apple? Apple tracking iPhone and iPad users!?! Misunderstandings usually mean that either the sender or receiver of the misunderstood message…misunderstands something. Apple cries misunderstanding the company recently states the idea that iPhones store their users’ locations is based on a misunderstanding of how the phones help determine where they are. So is the idea that Apple has been tracking users the wrong idea?

Apparently not, Apple also revealed the data file uncovered by researchers and publicized last week isn’t a log of a phone’s location, but a list of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers nearby. Apple, explain this video:

Apple gives the tracking credit to the phone looking for faint signals from GPS satellites. Apple also says a software bug causes the phones to keep the data longer than intended. Apples first response to the Big Brother allegations that iPhones store up to a year’s worth of user location data. Privacy watchdogs have demanded answers about why the iPhones and iPads are apparently secretly collecting location data on users – records that cellular service providers routinely keep but normally only for criminal relevance. It’s not clear if other smartphones and tablet computers are logging such information on their users. More on this story to come, including dos and donts…..stay tuned in

UPDATE: For a quick fix on your iPad or iPhone just go to settings, then to general and just turn off your location service.

Source: CBS

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