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Amazon Faces Patent Infringement: Kindle Fire Under Fire

Written by Maria Krisette. Posted in Android, News

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Published on October 11, 2011 with No Comments

The week has just started and Amazon Faces Patent Infringement, it’s a lawsuit over their Kindle Fire. Though it was not yet released, it has already been charged with a patent suit. The Amazon Kindle Fire was unveiled last week, and those who are anticipating the release date of the new tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire will not be available until November 15. The most awaited tablet by Amazon was charged by a lawsuit from Smartphone Technologies LLC, a company owned by Acacia Research Corporation, who is known as a patent troll for softwares as such. The company disclosed several pointers regarding the case of the patents on Amazon Kindle Fire, which includes the new Kindle Touch 3G: A patent covering the act of tapping an icon on the tablet’s touch-sensitive display to perform an action and also a patent intended for Palm over displaying and manipulating multiple calendars on a PDA.

Though, the second one was designed for Palm, these two functions seem to be found in most mobile devices, and they are common features of tablets available on the market. However, as far as the makers of tablets are concerned, this is how the patent troll companies make money. What they do, they buy the patents before the competitors get them, while the makers are charged a large amount of money, or they just sue someone else, for that matter. As the makers of tablets introduce their products on their market, this may be a tactic of patent troll companies that is spreading like a wildfire lately, and many analysts think we are in the patent bubble.

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