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HP TouchPad Android CM7 Update

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on September 21, 2011 with No Comments

CyanogenMod is hard at work again working on bringing their CM7 ROM to the HP TouchPad. Below we have a video of it with Wi-Fi working. Additionally you can now access the Android Market.

There were no glitches in the demo. During the demo they had a koid pond wallpaper in the background. Additionally the accelerometer was functioning well but it had been previously demoed. So far the Android YouTube app is not up and running. Angry Birds was run but it was a bit slow. At the moment only one of the two 1.5GHz cores is working which may be the reason for the slow performance. So far so good for the Cyanogen Mod Team and we should be seeing more updates in getting CM7 on the TouchPad in the near future.