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New Apple Pico Projector Patent Application Coming

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Ipad, News

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Published on August 12, 2011 with No Comments

Once again Apple has dipped into the world of projection. Its latest application being pico projectors that connect to your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. An optimal universe is on display with Cupertino’s “Projected Display Shared Workspaces” patent application. The aim of this patent is the connection of tiny projectors to all of your favorite Apple products which will allow for the sharing of image data between projected displays in shared workspaces. To top that all off cameras allow the user to interact with the displays using gestures similar to Wii.

Pico projectors would allow various devices to act with a projector which may be built into a phone like device. Most likely each device would have a sensor of some type that would receive data from the projector and could even do advanced things such as calibrate the projector remotely. Apple’s patent application even details how the systems could be used by a multiple of clients at the same time. Users would be able to overlay images on a single presentation.

via engadget