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DirecTV for Android Tablets; Get your NFL Sunday Ticket

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in Android, News

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Published on August 18, 2011 with 1 Comment

This year don’t miss a single down by getting NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go as a $50 add-on that gives you HD streaming access on PCs and mobile devices. Previous DirecTV began offering NFL Sunday Ticket To-GO to people who couldn’t or wouldn’t purchase their satellite package. This app will also be available on Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Android tablets (more to come). You can add To-Go option to your PS3 even without purchasing DirecTV for $339.95. Of course DirecTV is still trying to get more dish subscribers. There is still silence on whether there will be any apps for Boxee or Roku this season.

If your on the look out for the online only package for you computer and mobile device they had last year? It will be available September 1st, for the same $350 price as in 2010.

via Direct TV

  • gman thebrave

    I would
    never pay nearly $340 for anything even though I love Football more than any
    other type of TV programming.  I think
    the NFL has enough money and they shouldn’t be charging DirecTV that much in
    the first place let alone DirecTV agreeing to pay it.  I love chocolate but I’m not going to buy a
    year’s worth of Godiva simply because it’s the best.  Even if I could afford to do so it would be
    silly to justify that much money for chocolate when there are less expensive
    brands that taste almost as good.  That’s
    how I feel about the NFL Sunday Ticket. 
    Extravagance for football is unnecessary when I can get all of the best
    20 yard score plays on the NFL RedZone any time there is a game played
    live.  No more switching between games or
    picture in picture; they do it all for me and on my DISH Network HD employee
    service for a fraction of the cost.