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Acer Chairman JT Wang says ‘tablet fever is cooling…’

Written by Todd Schneider. Posted in News

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Published on August 31, 2011 with No Comments

JT Wang Acer’s chairman believes that the sale of tablets is waning. That may be true for Acer which announced a second quarter loss but tablets are still attracting buyers away from purchasing notebooks.

For example iPad showed strong numbers during the second quarter. Therefore, I do not support Wang’s view that tablet sales are cooling. Rodman and Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, predicts that Apple will do well in the next several quarters.

Expanding geographic foot print, back-to-school sales and faltering competition suggest upwards of 11 million for the September quarter, or almost 20 percent sequential unit growth. With the competition being held back by either legal injunction or weak sell-through, iPad volumes could further accelerate in the December quarter approaching 15 million units.

Wang may be misinterpreting the slow sales of Acer and other tablets. For example, Samsung, HP, and Motorola are all caught up in legal battles that are slowing sales of their tablets. Additionally, it may be the popularity of the iPad that is resulting in below average sales figures for Acer’s tablets rather than a cooling of the tablet market.

Wang predicts that consumers will come back to notebooks when Ultrabooks hit the market. Though many feel that the success of Ultrabooks will likely be the result of the price tag put on the machines. They will be more expensive than many tablets. Ultrabooks will not play a heavy role in Acer’s third and four quarter sales though the percentage is predicted to increase to 25% to 35% of sales in 2012.

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