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Blackberry PlayBook Integrated In Police Car (Video)

Written by Randy Harz. Posted in Blackberry, Featured, News

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Published on July 12, 2011 with No Comments

After we reported about the Renault Concept Car integrating the BlackBerry PlayBook, we now spotted folks from Mobile Innovations showing off a few demonstrations on how to integrate the PlayBook in a police car. Maps, controlling lights and camera are just a few of the things covered in this video. This is a great scenerio for multi-tasking in the professional environment. We’ll see if other agencies follow or if they will going with the competition. We notice that a 7 inch tablet like the PlayBook looks to be a perfect size in this enviroment as well.

Even though the whole installation seems to be built with a lot of improvisation – it sure looks the way we’re going. Renault’s designers defiantly had more attention on the look and style when implementing the tab into a cockpit of “Frendzy” the concept car.
But here in this case you can see that productivity and movability of both – the tablet and the keyboard holder were just so much more in focus than design or look.

Lately we see government, officials, schools and even Royals around the world getting their hands on the newest tablets out. Just a matter of time before the world will be tabbed out! 😉




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Source: Mobile Innovations via playbookdaily

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