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Best Stylus For Tablets

Written by Kres Harrington. Posted in Deals, News

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Published on July 27, 2011 with No Comments

You’ve just spent some money on your tablet and the next thing to buy is simple, a stylus. A stylus does a lot useful things, one of the most important is protecting your screen! We’ve covered a lot of the Best, including Asus, Galaxy, and Toshiba accessories, under $300 tablets and stands. Here is another episode of your BEST line of products, starring the stylus. Below are not only the Best Stylus for Tablets, they’re universal stylus’ that are sure to ease the wear and tear on your tablet and also serve as a handy tool whether sending emails, taking notes or even drawing. These are all ‘Capacitive’ meaning no pressure is needed on the touchscreen displays no different than the using your fingers. No matter which tablet you have consider picking up one of the following:

Acase 2nd Generation

Meet the better version of the original Acase, the Acase 2nd Generation. Upgrades from the original are a tip that responds faster with improved clarity plus it’s more durable. The benefits of all styluses not just this one are the obvious: gloves? no problem, long nails? no problem. Perfectly sized, and designed like a pen to fit just about anywhere. Fully compatible with: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC HD2, BlackBerry Storm, Gphone and any capacitive touch panel device.


AYL (TM) Newest Generation Slim

The AYL Capacitive stylus pen works on all capacitive touch screens, and by far this is one of the more colorful styluses, available is an assortment of colors seen in the pic. It’s longer, skinnier, and easier to control and use. A couple of nice features of this one is the tip smaller for better accuracy, and the rubber tip is durable, scratching the screen isn’t a concern either. Losing the AYL? No problem, a removable tether is included with the stylus pen, which can be attached to the earphone jack, to carry the stylus pen with ease. The AYL Capacitive stylus pen is perfectly sized and shaped, and like many of its counterparts it’s designed to feel like a pen in the hand.

Griffin Technology Stylus

Griffin gives you control as you write emails, sketch as you gaze out a window, or tap and drag on any touch screen. Griffin’s Stylus is custom designed to replace your finger, no matter if you’re left or right-handed the ‘any-direction’ tip fits any writing style. According to reviews its perfect for flight simulator apps, sketching, drawing and photography apps. Included is an integrated clip that attaches to a pocket in your bag or a pencil loop in your case.


Kensington 2nd Generation

Kensington’s FreeStyle Stylus is our first stylus that is a little more. It offers two writing options, number one it’s a stylus with a soft, rounded tip for use on touch screens, and second, a ball point pen for conventional writing use. Just remove the cap on the other end of the stylus, and you have a pen. It’s great for taking notes, signatures, or other graphic writing chores on your hardware. The best thing about this one is the fact that it can replace your office pen and it transforms into a stylus when needed. Good-bye simple pens, hello Kensington 2.0!

The last two styluses adds the little extra bonus perfect for the board room, in the middle of your next presentation just pull out one of these styluses and abracadabra you have a laser pointer!!!

HHI Professor Capacitive Stylus Pen

Newer on the market here’s the HHI professor’s capacitive stylus pen. The team at HHI had an audience in mind when naming this bad-boy, professor. I’m thinking college Professors. It comes with latest high-sensitive soft tip and laser pointer and LED light. Like I mentioned in the intro, it’s perfect presentations at work, school, office or anywhere! Works on all touch screens, and it comes in black or silver. One side note on this stylus, before using the laser pointer and led light, twist open the cap to remove the piece of paper that blocks the battery.

Targus 3-In-1 Stylus

Okay this stylus is last for two reasons, its the most expensive and it packs the biggest punch. The Targus 3-in-1 Stylus is just that 3 in 1, it’s a stylus, a pen and best of all it’s a laser pointer. Durablility? Check. The rubber tip won’t scratch the surface of your device. Accuracy? Check. Type accurately and comfortably. Write? Check two times, not only write on your tablet but also on paper with the pen. The laser pointer is a little more accessible on this stylus then the above stylus allowing you to quickly and easily highlight content for discussion with a push of a button. The 3-in-1 stylus is my personal favorite because of its versatility, perfect for the office and the living room.